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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Heart of Dartness

The crawling train journey from central London to Dartford is pretty nondescript once you pass the architectural landmarks of the Shard and the New Den so although the metaphor of Colonel Kurtz's trek up the Congo is inappropriate, yet another defeat left the words of Marlon Brando swirling round my head as the horror of relegation looms ever larger for the Magpies.
Today it was the crossbar's turn to deny Maidenhead a goal not once but twice before the inevitable sucker punches arrived in the final quarter of the game from Charlie Sheringham and Elliot Bradbrook (two).  The second goal which finally killed off any hope of an equaliser two minutes from time was a classic counter attack following an enterprising Maidenhead move sparked by a trailblazing run from Jerome Federico.
A striker, a striker a kingdom for a striker must be the heartfelt plea of any Magpie fan as all the good defending and work in the midfield will forever come to naught unless someone is found who can consistently add the finishing touch to the periods of the game when the Magpies are on top.
On a personal note Princes Park was the 200th I have watched football at.  The first of course being York Road back in 1980.  This was a great venue to notch up the double century.  Walking to the ground you do not notice it until you walk up the drive as its hidden by the warehouse like David Lloyd health club which borders the dual carriageway.  The town is clearly hiding its light under a bushel as the ground is a real gem for a complete new build with its wrap around terrace covered in all parts by a high roof.  This makes for excellent sight lines with the corners filled in to provide disabled viewing access which is a nice touch.  The absence of a main stand is of no consequence with the closed in feeling adding to the atmosphere.  The mind boggles as to what it must have been like when it was filled for the Darts FA Cup tie against Port Vale in the autumn.  There is innovative use of wood in the building materials with a wooden statue in one part of the ground which I'm sure must be unique.  The social facilities are as good as would be expected for a new complex although there is a chance of a Spinal Tap "where's the stage" moment as you wander the cavernous corridors.  All in all a great monument to what can be achieved when the local authority works together with a grand old football club.  Windsor & Maidenhead LA please take note

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