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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dover and out

Had a good feeling about yesterday's game.  Went for a three mile run in the morning in Richmond and the sunny weather indicated the day was only going to get better.  However by kick off at York Road the sky had turned grey and despite a high tempo start from United with route one tactics initially unsettling Dover, once the Whites had adjusted there was only ever going to be one winner, particularly after Leon Soloman had limped off further weakening a Maidenhead defence already missing Mark Nisbet through suspension.  That the final score was limited to Barry Cogan's first half strike is testament to the hard work of the Maidenhead players and the talent of Steve Williams in goal but a first Magpie Blue Square Bet South win of 2011 was not on the cards.
The Dover fans gave great support to their team throughout with an impressive repertoire but why does their songbook require a drum?  Never mind snoods FIFA needs to get to grips with this threat to my mental health at football.
On the plus side for Dover I like their policy of signing players with almost famous names. Luke I'Anson, Lewis Spence and Jack Pallant were all on show yesterday.
My man of the match though was referee Charles Breakspear who kept a tight rein on proceedings and refused to be cowed by running complaints from the Dover players.  His father (also Charlie) was at the game which made me feel old as I can remember Breakspear senior officiating at York Road in the 90s and bringing his young son to the game.  Hopefully it will be a case of like father like son as the elder Breakspear was a great character as well as an excellent referee.  A couple of incidents stick in the mind.  He used to also run the line in the Football League and once I saw him at Elm Park a few days after being at York Road.  A friend of mine reminded him of a controversial decision he had made in the Maidenhead game at which he turned round to join in the banter.  Then there was a final day game at Abingdon Town when a defender stopped a Maidenhead goal by pushing it off the line with his hand.  Rather than award a penalty Charlie adopted a Rugby Union approach and simply gave the goal!

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