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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Frank Sidebottom

Many cities around the world can be associated with a particular band or musical movement. Liverpool suggests the Beatles, Detroit Motown and so on. You can't say the same for any villages with the possible exception of Timperley in Cheshire.Located on the outskirts of Altrincham, it is home to one man who is solely responsible for bringing to the world the Timperley sound.Based in a shed at the bottom of the garden which is home to his trusty Bontempi organ, Francis (he hates it when his mum calls him that) Sidebottom and his cardboard sidekick Little Frank (when he's not hanging out with Little Denise and Little Buzz Aldrin) have created a truly unique interpretation of the music of the popular era which often concerns the beautiful game.When he's not interpreting the likes of Queen and the Beatles Frank will often sing a football inspired ditty, and again is perhaps unique by focusing on non league football due to his devotion to Altrincham.Oh yes for Frank the Robins are most certainly not Bobbins and he is a regular at Moss Lane. His love for his local team was summed up in his seminal track "The Robbins Aren't Bobbins":

"On Saturday at five to three
There's only one place to be
Down at the Moss Lane football ground
The team come out, the crowd all roar
We come win lose or draw
The only team for me is Altrincham FC
Oh the Robins aren't Bobbins says me
The Alty!”

Over the years he has taken a role as mascot which meant when the Match of the Day cameras called on FA Cup day he was able to showcase his talents to a nationwide audience. This of course led to a song appropriately titled "Guess Who's Been On Match Of The Day". The answer to this question being “You have in your big shorts”.Of course it is in live performance that any musician proves his worth and Our Frank is no exception putting on shows that celebrate his career which now spans three decades.The aforementioned football based tracks are often segued into a "football medley" which are linked by some innovative football chants: "0-0",
"Wembley.. Its a big ground in London and they call it Wembley",
"One referee... two linesmen and four fantastic corner flags",
and "You're going home on a organised football coach".
All this to the scene of Sidebottom ripping off his trademark suit to reveal a full Altrincham kit.
Sidebottom has experienced a resurgence in popularity in the last year or so, with his work as an illustrator leading to an exhibition at Tate Britain. He continues to perform live at venues all over the country so make sure you catch him if you can.
You know you can, you really can.
Every way the wind blows.
I thank you.

Read on: http://www.franksworld.co.uk/ http://www.franksidebottom.co.uk/
Listen up: www.myspace.com/franksidebottom
The compilation Frank Sidebottom's ABC and D is available from Amazon and iTunes

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