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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Magpies 'Stoked

Strange football county Hampshire.  Never had anything resembling a soft spot for any of their clubs.  Didn't buy into the whole small club in a big league phenomenon that was Southampton in the 80s and although Fratton Park initially appeals that bloke with the bell spoils it.  Aldershot were fine as a non league club but ruined it for me by getting promoted.  Would happily never visit Farnborough, Eastleigh, Havant and Bashley again. On the other hand Brockenhurst was a great day out but one hardly likely to be repeated due to their lowly status.
As for Basingstoke they would comfortably share the company of Eastleigh and Havant in my affections.  No real reason just not my cup of tea despite the Magpies great form at the Camrose this century.  Probably down to the town sharing the county's penchant for dual carriageways and out of the way grounds contributing to an atmosphere of anti pedestrian hostility.
This continued on Monday night despite the fact that midway through the first half the highlight of my evening looked likely to be two pints of London Pride and a hotdog after Greg Draper had rammed home Basingstoke's early superiority by scoring after pouncing on a sloppy back pass.  Then something strange happened, Maidenhead equalised from the penalty spot through Anthony Thomas, and despite Basingstoke swiftly regaining the lead thanks to a super strike from Sam Delano Yorke, the Magpies seemed to really believe they could win the game. Perhaps the Lewes defeat had created an air of shit or bust, or maybe they realised Basingstoke weren't that good but United's tenacity was at last sprinkled with a touch of class as shown by Max Worsfold's delightful stoppage time equaliser ahead of the interval.
Within fifteen minutes of the restart goals from Craig Faulconbridge and Leon Soloman led to a feeling that 85 days of hurt could be over, a first league win in 2011 was in sight but hang on there was still half an hour to go.
That win on the horizon started to look a bit fuzzy when some Pratt (David) pulled one back and when the referee pointed to the penalty spot with seven minutes left that well worn feeling of blown it again started to descend.  Fortunately Steve Williams completed the team performance with a great save and the Magpies went onto see out the victory. Unfortunately 24 hours later results negated any benefit the win brought to the relegation battle but still gave watching Hampton manager Alan Devonshire food for thought!

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