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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Our Wayne

Looks like Wayne Rooney might return to action this weekend if only on the bench.  The media is alive with speculation as to what sort of reaction he will get from the crowd.  During the week long drama of his threat to leave and subsequent agreement to an improved contact many United fans expressed a feeling of betrayal that "Our Wayne" might be leaving perhaps for their biggest rivals.  Regardless of the irony that the same sentiments still emanate from Goodison Park about the fact that Rooney only became a United player because he was willing to leave his hometown club for a shed load cash and the prospect of honours its time football fans woke up to the reality that football is a career and therefore footballers will behave in exactly the same way we do at work.  Yes we may enjoy our job but we will always be looking for a better deal/promotion elsewhere.  So time to stop getting sucked in by badge kissing, "dream to play for this club" type statements and instead pass judgement on a players value by how they perform on the pitch, nothing more, nothing less.

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