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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Flares signal Maidenhead distress

Nothing much to add to last week's blog as very little has changed. Playing a team which had just halved what was already reported to be the division's smallest budget, Maidenhead demonstrated that they had failed to learn the lessons of the previous week by again going two goals behind before they started to play with any menace.
They certainly looked more likely to take something from the game in the second half being stopped by some heroic goalkeeping and the woodwork on more than one occasion but the fact is that this was too little too late. Dorchester were weaker than Slough in defence and yet it took 86 minutes to score.A breakaway third sparked by a two footed Ashley Vickers  challenge maintained the regular pattern of 3-1 defeats and with a return to playing the better teams in the division in prospect I left the game with my last supply of hope nigh on extinct.
In contrast the Dorchester fans were clearly refuelled with hope after a great day out. Personally I don't understand the whole ultra phenomenon which is creeping into English football. I guess its a generational thing, for example you can argue all you like about flares but the fact is they just look lame. A bit like if I attempt to cook a Chinese meal at home, I might have all the ingredients but the end result is far from authentic.
Today all I want to see is a Maidenhead team defend as a team in a disciplined and determined manner. The point(s) can come as ugly as a troll after a heavy night. Don't let any in and you will always have the opportunity to benefit from any good fortune that comes your way. Consistently concede three and its game over.

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