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Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Hangover

Very disappointing performance from the Magpies this afternoon, particularly as hopes were high following Thursday night's tremendous win at Bromley.  They played like I felt after night of excess.  For a team that had only scored 14 league goals, Basingstoke looked surprisingly potent, with Matt Warner particularly impressive in the midfield.  The twelfth minute dismissal of Basingstoke goalkeeper Simon Moore was the game's main talking point and it would have been interesting to see what referee Adam Fielding would have done had Martel Powell used the advantage to score.  Instead it was left to Alex Wall to thump home the resulting free kick. Still despite the gift of a goal, a man advantage and a fit Basingstoke reserve keeper stood on the sidelines but not named on the bench, Maidenhead were unable to find a killer second goal and Basingstoke's composed perseverance deservedly paid off at the death to earn a point.  I blame my friend John, a very occasional Maidenhead watcher who six years in has still to see the Magpies win.  Needless to say his first game of the season was this afternoon.

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