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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Boring Boring City

Frustrating night at the Emirates which began with a slow running Piccadilly line which caused me to miss the first two minutes as Robin Van Persie missed the first of a host of Arsenal chances three of which hit the woodwork. Add in a good penalty shout and you have a fair summary of game in which the Gunners did everything but score. This was in the face of obdurate defence from Manchester City who despite the opportunity to go top with a win, opted for an eight man unit to stifle Arsenal and secure the draw. The inevitable result was stalemate and the question if this is what 350 million gets you, how much more will City have to spend to find some attacking ambition.

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Lenny Baryea said...

Thought that Arsenal played really well, without any luck, and agree that Mansour City’s negative approach was not one befitting a supposed title challenger that has spend gazillions on their squad.

That said, they were missing an in-form David Silva and also Balotelli through injury (although perhaps only the former would’ve started, if fit) and their line-up, while expensively assembled, probably cost less than half of the £350M mentioned.