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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Giroud leads Clown rescue

The prices might have been premium but the Arsenal v Liverpool fixture is not what it used to be with this season the two teams contesting three points to go towards securing a place in the pecking order to lead a late season charge on the fourth and final Champions League spot.
Leaving context aside though the clubs presented an enthralling match which by the middle of the second half had developed a cup tie nature with the teams trading attacking punches in a bid to secure a win. However this point was only reached thanks to some Arsenal defending that would have disgraced Maidenhead United. Yes it might have been Liverpool with a Wisdom in their line up but it was Arsenal that provided all the slapstick comedy as they gifted the Reds a two goal lead which may have been more such was Szczesny's desire to live up to Brian Clough's old adage about Polish goalkeepers and clowns. 
The ongoing defensive deficiencies of Arsenal were made even more poignant in the light of their strong attacking performance. For their part Liverpool held out well for the most part, the experience of Carragher keenly felt in a well organised defence. Their one player of quality, Luis Suarez looked to be the man to give them the win, constantly ghosting in from a free role on the left wing to instigate another series of pratfalls in the Arsenal backline. 
However it was the insult of Jordan Henderson waltzing through the defence to double the lead which proved to be the spark that lit up the reality of Arsenal's plight and their ensuing blitz saw the frontline led by Olivier Giroud rescue a hopeless cause with two quick goals which suggested a win was possible.This would have been a little unjust on the visitors not to mention a let off for the home team and so although both came close to a winner the final scoreline of 2-2 was a fitting one.

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