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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Letter to the Advertiser

This is the letter that I sent to the Maidenhead Advertiser that was published in the Thursday 6th December edition:

Dear Sir,
Pleased as I was to see P Brennen carry on the debate about a new stand at Maidenhead United FC (Letters, November 29th), I must write to correct the errors and misconceptions in his letter.
Firstly the reason why the original stand wasn't rebuilt straight away was because it was a case of arson and therefore there was no insurance payout. Hence the temporary replacement built on the railway side of the ground remains to this day.
Secondly crowds are not at their lowest ever. Indeed since the club's promotion to the Conference South crowds have consistently averaged over 300, which although not as high as the 60s is the highest since then (details attached) and a big improvement since the club's nadir in the late 80s.
Admission is not £15 but £10 for adults and £6 for concessions which judging by P Brennen's comments about following the club for 60 years he/she would qualify for. Incidentally I am mystified by the comment about not having to listen to foul language by watching a game on TV as this is clearly audible with the added facility to lip read what the players are saying.
As for listening to locals, the Maidenhead United Supporters Association has been doing plenty of that in recent years by running a stall in the town centre on matchdays and at the Maidenhead carnival. In addition the club has regularly run promotions in conjunction with this paper to give people the opportunity to sample a game at a much reduced price.
Finally while P Brennen is right that we cannot turn the clock back the town does have the opportunity to support what, when you consider the global socio-cultural influence of football, is the town's most important historic asset after Brunel's bridge and the Great Western Railway. Unlike the rugby club we may not have the benefit of half a million pound handout from the council, but we can offer the people of Maidenhead an opportunity to support, share and sustain a small but significant part of the beautiful game.
Yours faithfully

Steve Jinman
Maidenhead United FC

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