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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sid Sings...

The commentary of the late Sid Waddell was music to my ears. A man at ease with both his working class roots and academic achievements listening to Sid describe the darts was a joy to behold, liberally peppering his view of the action on the oche with references from classical civilisation. Here are some of my favourites, with apologies for any lack of accuracy, as I am quoting from memory:

John Lowe, approaches the oche like a snow leopard on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjoro

Alexander the Great cried salt tears when he conquered the known world at the age of 33, Eric Bristow's done it three times over and he's only 27

Fordham, sweating like a hippo in a power shower

He's not a donis he's the donis

You couldn't get more excitement in here if the King, Elvis Presley walked up to the bar and ordered a ham sandwich

They're all here tonight, even some lads in cardigans

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