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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Home horrible home

The York Road misery continued yesterday with a home defeat against struggling Lewes meaning this season is fast approaching the depths of 1998-99 and 2007-08 plumbed by those Magpies who do not travel away.
The game was open but neither team had the confidence in their ability to stamp their authority on it. Both teams adopted stereotypical roles, Maidenhead exerting sustained pressure whilst Lewes looked dangerous on the break.  In the end it was Lewes who broke the deadlock with twelve minutes remaining, and once ahead there was only one destination for the points.  This led to unconfined joy from the Lewes contingent with the result offering relief from their wretched season so far and hope that they may yet dig themselves out of the relegation mire.  This contrasted with the despairing Magpies who slipped one place to hover nervously over the trap door with no corner to turn in sight.
Aside from the match of the day it was interesting to hear from Windsor officials about the short term and possible long term destinations of their squad.  The presence of Willie Wordsworth left everyone wondering who he was scouting. On the way home I met one of the linesman from the ill fated Farnborough game who had been in the middle at Uxbridge.  One interesting point he made about refereeing was how he encouraged players to talk to him close up rather than shouting from ten yards away, a clear demarcation which illustrated how players end up with cautions for dissent.

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