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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Farn better

My first visit to Cherrywood Road since the Town club was wound up left me with the impression of a club transformed since its predecessor was dissolved in the courts.  There has clearly been investment in all aspects of the club, on the team, the pitch, seated stands, social facilities and even a tarmaced car park.  The financial demise of the last club is like an elephant in the room though, particularly with manager Steve King providing a visual reminder of the rise and almost fall of Lewes.  The sustainability or otherwise of the club will be proved in the long term, with the completion of the potentially impressive half built stand behind one goal perhaps ready to act as a thermometer of the club's financial health.  Standing in isolation though yesterday's game against the Magpies provided more evidence that an afternoon watching Blue Square Bet South football is one well spent.
On yesterday's performance Farnborough are the most creative and exciting attacking team I have seen this season at this level, but their defensive frailties mean it may well be a year of consolidation after their promotion last term.  Their approach led to an open game with manager King providing a visual symbol of their footballing style by being perhaps the first boss since Edwardian times to wear a cravat on the touchline.  Action swung from end to end but there was a distinct lack of atmosphere in the crowd, perhaps due to the fact that standing accommodation was only available at one end, with the new stand effectively closing the other.
All four goals were well worked with the final scoreline of 2-2 being secured by a man of the match display by the Maidenhead goalkeeper Steve Williams.  He was apparently third choice at Farnborough last season which was surprising as he hasn't put a foot wrong for the Magpies this season and was a safe as his opposite number was clumsy.  Farnborough are of  course something of an all stars team at this level, featuring a few of the Lewes championship team from three season's ago.  They will need to acquire the Sussex club's defensive strength from that season if they are to mount a promotion challenge in the new year.

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